BBS Moms Know Best: Brandice Daniel


Brandice Daniel is doing it all. The entrepreneur runs several thriving businesses including a much buzzed about podcast discussing life, love, laughter and everything in between. In addition to being a devoted wife, loving mother, and engaged friend she works with brands, educational institutions, and entrepreneurs to support students, local designers, editors, and stylists of color. We spoke to the Harlem’s Fashion Row founder about the joys of pregnancy, teaching her daughter to work for herself, and why she’d be lost without her great girlfriends.

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BBS Celebrates: Annie Comes to the Kings Theatre


This holiday season Annie is coming to the Kings Theatre! Located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn the storied venue, which was originally designed in 1929, has been restored to reflect its original opulence. City-owned and a major cultural resource for the area the reopening of this family friendly treasure has created a huge buzz. It has recently it has been home to attractions like the Hendrix Experience and the Moscow Ballet and now the timeless Annie is gracing its stage.

Learn more about this special limited production and find out how you can win FREE tickets for you and your family below!
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#NationalBullyingPreventionMonth: How I Put a Stop to Bullying

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In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month we reached out to our BabyBrownSugar Ambassadors to find out how they prevent bullying in and outside of their households. Bullying has received more attention than ever before recently with technology like social media making it easier for strangers to say mean things without consequence. At BabyBrownSugar we’re all about the raising of empowered and confident children and we are thrilled to share our Ambassadors’ tips on tackling bullying.

“In my household, bullying is a big no no.

F and Julia

Julia (5), who just started Kindergarten is going through the transition of getting acclimated to her new school environment and making new friends. As always there is a kid or two who tend to tease the new girl or make fun of something about her. At Julia’s age, it’s on a small scale so my methods of preventing bullying are simple, yet effective.

Julia came to me once and said “Mommy, I want straight hair like a girl in my class”. My response was to explain to her that she has beautiful curly hair that is amazing and that some people go out of their way (pay) to have curly hair like hers. After that conversation and getting into the habit of wearing my own curls more often , she was empowered to embrace her curls and now I can barely get her to wear a ponytail, go figure!

Read on to see how Falasha (pictured above) and other BBS Moms put a stop to bullying! more this way

On the Market: Kiinde Twist

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Pregnancy can be the most amazing thing one can experience but it can also be very hectic. From juggling appointments, adjusting budgets, and getting that nursery together, a mommy can get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to be completed. One of these tasks includes finding the perfect bottle brand for your baby.

As a mommy who plans on breastfeeding, I wanted to find a bottle that would be convenient for me when it came to assembling and cleaning. It is important to find a brand that is a perfect fit for you and  comfortable for your baby.  I also wanted to make sure I could find a bottle that my little one would love when transitioning. I went through many brands looking for these features and when I stumbled on an Australian bottle brand named “Kiinde” I became intrigued. After receiving a generous package containing their products, I immediately fell in love.

Learn more about this great system below.

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Kidfessions of a Shopaholic: Fall Fashion Trends

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YAY! Fall is officially near and it’s by far my favorite season for fashion. The weather is beginning to feel a little crisp, the color palettes are warm yet fun and it’s time to layer up and have some fun styling your mini me(s). I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items, some of which I already ordered for #SJandSparkle and what I love most is that most of these items are unisex and the kids are able to share. After all, sharing is caring!

Some of my favorite unisex items are socks. These printed high knee socks can be worn with a dress or shorts. The pop of color on the sides can also complement cooler colors.


I love the style of these fringe boots! They’re perfect for fall and as an added bonus they are just as practical as a pair of sneakers.


Check out more cute fall options for kids below. 

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BBS Moms Know Best: Dr. Heavenly

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From managing a successful career in dentistry to launching a dating app Dr. Heavenly isn’t afraid of multi-tasking. In fact she got a head start on sharing positive messages with her daughter while she was still in the womb! She continues spreading the message of self-love by spending time encouraging young women to see their worth. This momprenuer sat down with Christina to talk about the importance of mentorship, dealing with public attention, and why she’s committed to being married to more than the medicine.

You’re a known and flourishing entrepreneur as well as a family woman. How do you find balance? What are some tips for everyday working women who are moms?

That is a question that people often ask me. The main thing is finding the priority. You know your priorities. Kids first, then your family, then your husband and then everything else. God first, then family, then your career. But the main thing in truth is trying to make time for everything. It helps me to try to organize my day the night before. Everything that is most important for me to get done, I jot it down. I used to write it down, but now I write it in my notes in my phone.  

How do you unwind? What are some of your favorite off-duty activities?
I like to read books, I don’t watch much TV. But I’ll have a glass of wine or such, you know to wind down. It’s like now, I’m sitting outside and I’m sitting by my pool drinking a glass of wine. I just make time for myself, you have to make time, just time to just think. I think that is so important, we just need to make time and just sit down and think.

Read on to find more about how Dr. Heavenly manages marriage, motherhood, and moguldom.

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BBS Chic: Back to School Basics with Kmart


I still remember what Back to School shopping was like as a kid. It was my favorite time of the year, right after my birthday. My time to show the world (or at least the kids at my school) how stylish as I was. Even though those days are long gone and Cadence isn’t quite old enough yet to experience the “Back to School” hype, I still remember how nostalgic that time was. And even though I’m not going back to school, I still get excited about shopping for fall. When it comes to shopping for the kids, most fashionable moms like myself want to make sure the kids look cute but still stay under budget (school supplies are not cheap!) so having a strategy about where you shop for certain pieces is key.

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BabyBrownSugar Ambassador: Tayna Frett

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My name is Tayna Frett and I married my high school Sweetheart Marshall almost 20 years ago.  After years of trying, we were blessed with 2 wonderful boys – Justice is 6 and Malachi is 20 months (going on 21 years old).  That baby, whew!

I am a Senior Vice President by day and a wife and mother of our 2 amazing boys by day, afternoon, night, and everything in between. While my professional job has a clear start and end time – my responsibilities as a mother and wife never end and honestly I don’t know how I’d survive going forward if they ever did.

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These two boys give me LIFE!  While they came from the same two parents, our kids are very different and we parent accordingly. The key for us is remembering they are little people, little versions of us.  Of course they have needs but they also have opinions and personalities and curiosities.

We are Seventh Day Adventist Christians and we worship with our kids each night. It’s important for our kids to know that there is an authority higher than Mommy and Daddy and to know that we all have a purpose in life.  We want them to understand reverence, the power of prayer, and ultimately how to recognize and acknowledge the blessings in your life and give thanks for them.

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It’s important that our boys enjoy their childhood and be well balanced. We recognize our responsibility in ensuring that our kids grow up to be God-fearing children who are also productive, independent, and contributing members of society.

I look forward to working with and contributing to BabyBrownSugar.  I can only share with you what works for me and my family, but hopefully my experience and perspective can shed some light on what you may be dealing with and if not, at least get you to smile or laugh at the shenanigans that sometimes happen in the Frett household!

BBS Reads: Stephanie Fleary’s Chocolatey Brown

Children Read Along

Second grade teacher Stephanie Fleary is combating colorism in our community with a strong serving of love and support. The Brooklyn native created a children’s book called Chocolatey Brown to instill confidence in her classroom’s children of all shades. And with the help of  a teacher named Miss Honey the book’s heroine goes on a journey of self discovery that would make any BabyBrownSugar mom smile. We spoke with Stephanie to discuss the representation of women of in the media, inspiration,  and the importance of self-esteem.

Young black girls face a myriad of issues today why did you choose to focus on colorism?

 The topic actually has been an issue in the African-American community for a very long time but the reason I chose it for this book was the discussion actually came up in my classroom. I’m a second grade teacher and I was teaching a lesson on black history and one of the little girls she raised her hand and she said “Miss Fleary why is my mommy white and I’m black?”. Her parents were of Haitian descent but because her mother had lighter skin she thought that her mother was white so I had to go into this whole discussion to explain to them that there are different shades of brown. And she expressed that she didn’t like her darker skin tone so I said “I’m a darker skinned girl and I love my skin. I love your skin too, it’s beautiful!” So after that I started calling her Chocolatey Brown and she started to light up and gain confidence in herself. So that is where the inspiration from the book came from and why I thought it was important to address colorism among children. We talk about it for adults but nobody addresses it at the foundation. Young children are just developing themselves and figuring out who they are. I felt that it was important for us to teach them self belief and self acceptance as young as possible.

How did the other children in the classroom respond?

I’ve seen her demeanor change and her interaction with other children has changed dramatically. That’s been a big thing. She now believes in herself and she loves her skin tone. They’re even talking about their different hair textures and things like that. You know these issues that they’re going through they don’t even realize what they are so Chocolatey Brown enlightens them a little bit about what it is that they’re going through.

How important was it for you that your vision was correctly portrayed in the books images?

It was very important to me because I didn’t only want to speak to darker skinned girls I wanted to speak to all brown girls. That’s why I connected it to chocolate, because chocolate is so good and it comes in different shades and flavors. I wanted to make sure that it spoke to all brown girls teaching them that they’re beautiful but because I don’t see any literature with darker skinned characters I wanted to make sure that I did that. The words of the book and the moral and the story behind it really teaches all women and girls of color that they’re beautiful if they believe it. It was important for me to get it just right. When I was working with the illustrator at first the tones and the shades weren’t popping. They looked a little washed out at first. We had to revamp it a couple times to get that rich honey brown color that she has now.

 Chocolatey Brown


Learn more about Stephanie and find out how you can win a signed copy of Chocolatey Brown for your child below.

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10 Under $100: Baby Bathing Suits

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Summer is a great time for the whole family to show off their style! From backyard barbecues to full-fledged family vacations there will be no shortage of ways to spend quality time with your children this summer and invariably a great deal of them will involve water. Prep your little one for pools and beach side play with these options for baby bathing suits for this summer season.


Nautical swimsuits are a summertime staple. After all nothing says summer like that good old red, white and blue. And while they are obviously always a great choice for holidays like Fourth of July weekend or occasions like a family boat ride you really don’t need to be a reason to anchor your little one’s look with this fun trend.

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Good for a more traditional look with these adorably girlish swimsuit options. Glitter, bows, and bright colors make these three choices perfect for the little princess in your life. Match the color choice to barrettes or a headband for an easy accessory option.


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Borrow from the grownups with a fun chevron or quatrefoil print or stick with a more youthful choice of stars surrounded by tulle. No matter what the pattern choice a print always stands out.


PicMonkey Collage printed

Are you excited about buying a bathing suit for your baby girl? What baby bathing suits are on your radar this summer?

-Keyaira N. Boone