For Cadence’s 3rd birthday this year, we decided to throw her a bakery themed party. Cadence has a toy kitchen at home and it is undoubtedly where she spends most of her time. She whips up special meals for us all the time in that kitchen. So we decided a bakery party would be perfect for her. In the planning stages and while researching other cute bakery themed parties, I found there were a few simple rules of thumb for throwing this type of celebration. Here are 5 tips for throwing a bakery themed party:

1. Choose a bakery-themed locale

Whether you decide to have the bakery themed party at home or you opt to make things easier by having at an actual local bakery, you’ll need to adjust your party schedule and your expenses accordingly. The beauty of having a party like this at home is that you don’t have to pay for a location AND you can party for as long as you’d like. There’s also typically more flexibility with your guest count.

I decided to have Cady’s 3rd birthday party at a local bakery in Millburn, New Jersey called Splurge Bakery. They actually specialize in kids’ parties so it was perfect for us. We paid one flat fee to invite a maximum number of kids (you pay per head if you exceed that number) and the bakery took care of all the details. The only downside is that you’re allotted a specific time (we had about 2 hours total). But the positives? Someone else handles the entertainment and NO clean up to worry about!

2. Make sure the kids get dirty

The fun part about having a bakery-themed party is that the kids LOVE to interact and bake! For Cadence’s first and second birthday parties we had a cupcake decorating station and it was always a huge hit.

So I decided for her third to make the entire party about DIY cooking & baking.You’ll want to choose fun and entertaining baking activities that are easy for a range of ages to participate in. At Splurge, they did mini pizzas with the kids and they got a chance to roll their own dough, spread their pizza sauce, then top it off with cheese.

And then while those mini pizzas were baking, they let the kids decorate their own cupcake desserts.

3. Pick A Fun Color Scheme

Cadence, at the time, was obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. She still is, slightly, but she’s moved on to Moana as her main squeeze. Since she had a winter party, we went with the Frozen theme and so all her decor (and her party outfit) was a nice turquoise blue and then we added in her favorite colors purple and pink. Her goodie bags were the same turquoise color.

4. Don’t Forget Dessert

It was an additional cost, but I couldn’t help but spring for a great cake for Cady’s party. I love specialty cakes and this was a nice treat for the adults who attended as well. Special thanks to Splurge bakery for making this for us on the fly. Aside from a tiered cake, you can get creative and do bakery item-themed sugar cookies, character shaped rice krispy treats, chocolate lollipops – the options are endless!

5. Have a cute take-home gift

Since we splurged on her party locale a bit, we decided to do something budget-friendly for her party favors. In the past when we’ve saved on location by having her party at home, we go in and do more custom party favors. So I went to Target to pick up some cute little prizes from their Dollar Spot section.

I found these cute little heart shaped felt pockets, perfect for sticking little candies and prizes in. I bought a combination of Cady’s favorite candy, prizes, little Shopkins toys and everything else kids her age love that are miniature. Each of her guests took home a piece of Cady’s heart for her birthday.

Overall this was a super simple and really fun way to celebrate. Let me know if these tips for planning a bakery themed party were helpful, in the comments section!

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