BabyBrownSugar Update: 1 Year

I woke up on Wednesday morning misty-eyed but filled with so much gratitude. God has blessed me with the most precious gift of life – a beautiful, sweet, smart, inquisitive, happy, talented and amazing daughter named Cadence. Wednesday, February 4th was her first birthday and I want the world to know how incredibly amazing she is.…

BBS Chic: Baby’s First Memorial Day

  This past weekend, Cadence celebrated her first Memorial Day. We had a fun-filled weekend which started out in Maryland for her cousin’s 5th birthday party (her first birthday party ever *squeals*) and then back home for a fun day of festival-going at the BAM festival in Brooklyn (see my recap on LoveBrownSugar).

BBS Chic: Cadence’s First Easter

This past weekend was Easter weekend and Cadence’s first big holiday since Valentine’s Day. Back then she was just a little teeny thing. Now she’s nearly three months old and still so full of personality. Here’s what baby girl wore on Easter Sunday: The week before, we went through a few different outfits and ended…