If you’re currently on your pregnancy journey, take it from me – it’s a rewarding but often anxiety-inducing journey. There are so many unknowns. Will I be in pain? Is this discomfort normal? Is this a contraction or just really bag gas? The questions are neverending. Taking the guesswork out of what you’ll need in your daily arsenal to be cute and comfortable? That’s what I’m here for. I’ve done it twice, so trust and believe my recommendations come from experience.

Here are my top 10 pregnancy essentials:

1. Snoogle® Pillow (Leach Co, $60)

This thing is a LIFE saver and I made use of it my entire second and third trimester. Essentially, it’s a crescent-shaped pillow that gives you all-around support for your bump, your back and the space in between your knees while you sleep. It will help to keep your back aligned and it provides a bit of comfort and relief for mamas (like myself) who are used to sleeping on their bellies prior to pregnancy. Put this one at the top of your wishlist!

2. Maternity Leggings (Rosie Pope, $32)

I didn’t realize how valuable these would be until my waist started really expanding. I endured most of my pregnancy during the summer months, so dresses were my attire of choice. But once the weather started to cool down, and I officially couldn’t fit into my jeans – maternity leggings were my saving grace. The best kind are the ones with a wide band at the top for belly support. I tend to love high-waisted pants and jeans anyway, so these are just my style.

3. Little Black Maternity Dress (HATCH, $278)

I must admit, I had about three of these. No shame in my game – I found one dress I loved and bought it in three different colors. And I would rotate them in and out of my wardrobe throughout the week because they were just SO comfy. Black makes you instantly look chic, but if you want some variety you can get the same dress in white or another solid color or print of your choice. Depending on what assets you want to play up, you may opt for a v-neck style like the one above, or something more body conscious if you want to really embrace your bump. I opted for more flowy maternity dress silhouettes because that’s my overall style. 

4. Special Occasion Maternity Dress (ASOS/ASOS Curve, $76)

Since I endured most of my pregnancy over the spring and summer months, I had quite a few weddings and special events to attend. ASOS Maternity and sizing up in the regular ASOS line was my SAVING grace. They have such cute and stylish occasion dresses at affordable prices. 

5. Slip-On Sneakers (VANS, $60)

For running errands and chillin’ on the weekends, you’ll want a steady and stylish pair of slip-on sneakers. The reason for slip-ons is a) your feet will expand at a rapid pace during pregnancy and b) your belly will soon be too big for you to reach down and tie your own shoelaces. Slip-ons with a little stretch are your best bet.

6. Moisturizing Body Oil (SDOTBEAUTY, $24)

As you enter the second trimester, you’ll want to make a regular habit of massaging your belly and your hips with a great moisturizing body oil. There are a TON on the market but my favorites are from SDOTBEAUTY – they have a great Hydrating Body Oil ($24) and a light Angel Glaze Baby Oil ($18)  that are perfect for second and third trimester massages.

7. Comfy  Slides/Sandals (Target, $22.99)

For the same rationale as #5, slides are your best bet once you get further along in your pregnancy. These furry ones from Target come in multiple colors and are super cute. These can also double as slippers for your hospital bag once you go into labor as well. 

8. Ginger Honey Crystals (Prince of Peace, $4.99)

During my first trimester, I had to do a ton of business travel. Enduring random bouts of nausea while on the road was not pleasant, to say the least. These packets of Ginger Honey Crystals are great because you can take them on the go when you travel and you can drink them hot or cold, if you don’t have access to fresh ginger. Ginger is an instant cure for stomach upset and nausea. I’d drop one of these into a cup of boiling water and sip for instant relief.  This is the only thing that worked for me when I had extreme nausea.

9. Prenatal Pills (Care Of, starting at $5/month+)

These are a no-brainer and likely the first thing your doctor will tell you to pick up once you’re officially pregnant. There are a ton of over the counter pills to try, but I like the personalization aspect of Care Of pills. You fill out a questionnaire about your lifestyle and they send you a packet of pills based on your personal needs, with your name on it (so cute!) Just be sure to tell them on your questionnaire that you are pregnant and the prenatals will be added to ypur monthly packet automatically. 

10. Netflix Subscription (Netflix, $7.99+)

This may seem like an odd essential to add to this list of pregnancy must-haves, but please believe you’ll need lots of late night entertainment. Netflix is my entertainment of choice. As you enter the third trimester, you’ll have lots of late nights and early mornings – not by choice. And if you’re planning on nursing as a new mama, this is clutch for late night nursings.

These are my personal faves. Any essentials on your list of favorites that I missed? 

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