My Two Cents: A Forward From My Mom

lovebrownsugar-momThe original “Mommy” Brown Sugar, my dear mother and one of my closest friends, has a few words for you expectant moms out there. I couldn’t think of anyone better to be the first to give advice here on BabyBrownSugar. She’s taught me everything I know, raised four beautiful children (3 girls and 1 boy) and is overflowing with mommy wisdom. This is the first, but definitely not the last time you’ll hear from her. Here’s her two cents:

Being pregnant was always a special and funny time for me; getting others to do whatever I asked; eating whatever I craved (so the baby wouldn’t have a birthmark – according to the older mothers) and, in the latter months, watching my stomach expand to an unimaginable size – all while the little resident slept in the day, partied all night and ran in circles when the ultrasound technician came close.

My first pregnancy was pre-TLC Channel and the “baby reality shows” that give you a blow-by-blow description of what to expect.  I had to resort to either reading books or listening to advice from experienced mothers.

  • Don’t do this….
  • Be prepared for . . .
  • Make sure that you . . . .
  • Don’t eat this…
  • Don’t wear that . . .
  • Put this on…
  • Take that off…

Everyone, including total strangers, thinks it’s their responsibility to give you advice when you are pregnant. Once my head stopped spinning, I did what came naturally – trusted my instincts and listened to my grandmothers.

I had sweet dreams about my soon-to-be little bundle of joy and then subsequent nightmares about how this little person would make his/her way out.

As I said, pregnancy is a special and fun time. Early in the journey you become best friends with the porcelain throne – consulting day and night; your sense of smell turns you into a blood hound; your hormones start doing the “wobble” and food becomes the most important thing in your life.

But at the end of the journey, you receive the best gift ever – a new life that will change your life in the most wonderful way.


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 What’s your story? Share “your two cents” about the pregnancy journey below.

  • daniellefromqueens

    Awww! Love this post!!! Hi, Mommy Brown Sugar!!! (I’m the girl who wanted to eat all your fish cakes at LBS 4 year…lol