The Big Reveal: BabyBrownSugar Is A…

boy-or-girlSo the anticipation has been steadily building over the past few weeks. Most expectant parents will say that it doesn’t matter what they have – boy or girl. The child will be loved, cared for and appreciated either way. And this is exactly how I felt. Since I was a little girl, I’ve imagined myself as a mother. Naturally, because I had older sisters who used to baby me and of course my own mother, I’ve always wanted a little one to coddle myself. As the youngest girl in the family, when my little brother was born he was basically like my “baby”. I helped change his little diapers, helped put him to sleep, feed him and everything in between. For that reason, even though we’re only 7 years apart, I’ve always felt like I helped raise a little boy myself. My brother will tell you the same, I was always like a Mom #2 instead of a big sis.

Anyway, considering my parents didn’t have another girl underneath me, I got comfortable with being the baby girl of the family. Now, as an expectant mom, I was conflicted over whether I should be rooting for one sex over another. In the end, a healthy and happy child is the goal. Daddy-to-be was adamantly in favor of a little boy. “Girls are hard! You have to protect them like…forever,” he explained. Which is somewhat true. In a father’s mind, boys grow up to be men. Daddy’s little girls are little girls forever. For me, I always felt a stronger connection to women, especially because so much of what I do with LoveBrownSugar is specifically for women. Plus I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a mini-me!

From the day I announced to my friends and family that I was expecting, there has been speculation about what I’d be having. My older sisters (including Tayna who wrote Her Two Cents here) were hoping and praying for a girl considering that each have baby boys of their own with Tayna now expecting her 2nd baby boy in November. “Too many boys! We need a girl,” they chimed.

My good friend Jessica of Glamazons Blog adamantly swore that it had to be a girl. “I’ve never been wrong,” she said with the straightest face. And henceforth she called my baby bump “her little Princess” with no apology. While other friends like Lexi of LexiWithTheCurls said “You’re too pretty to be having a girl! Girls take away your beauty when you’re preggers.” And still other friends like Makeda of Glamazon Diaries used ancient statistical theories and family history to determine the question at hand.

While it has been quite amusing seeing and hearing all of my friends, family and even you guys on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook speculate about the sex of the baby, I’m happy the day has finally come that I can announce what me and Daddy-to-be are expecting. After an eventful trip to the doctor last week (one in which I promptly was instructed to go on bedrest – more on that later) we’re proud to announce…


Yaay! We’re having a little princess! I’m so incredibly excited that I get to dress my little one up in tutu skirts and patent leather Mary Janes! Before I could even head out to the store, my sister immediately went shopping for Ralph Lauren onesies and girly outfits. Please see specimens below:


Aside from the fact that I will be draining my pockets buying my daughter a cuter wardrobe than my own, I’m beyond excited to extend my love, care and wisdom as a woman to a little diva in training. I just can’t wait!


Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and your prayers as I’m officially at the halfway mark in my pregnancy (20 weeks!) Stay tuned for an update on my health and what I’ve been doing to pass the time while on bedrest.

You excited? Did you guess correctly?

  • ErinScandalous

    Congratulations on your little fashionista! : )

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thanks Erin!

  • Marie Denee


  • joni. b

    Congratulations…..princesses are totally awesome :D ….

  • Nana Quaison Sackey


  • Alexis Felder

    Yay! Congrats!!!! yay to Baby(Girl)BrownSugar!!!

  • Caprece Cotton-Sturdivant

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’m so excited right now!!!! Play dates!!!

    • lovebrownsugar

      Woot woot! Play dates abound with your little one!

  • Daphne

    Congratulations! Listen to the Doctors (stay put dont over do it) and be blessed.

    • lovebrownsugar

      I definitely am! Limited activity and keeping my feet up

  • gabifresh

    YAY!!! congrats!!! can’t wait to spoil her!

    • lovebrownsugar

      Omg we’re gonna have so much fun! Can’t believe how quickly time has passed since I was in Chicago with you and now…A GIRL!

  • Cherice Allen

    Congrats! Having a daughter is truly special and I know you will pass on tons of beauty, style and life knowledge to your little girl. :)

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thanks Cherice! Yup, that’s what I plan to do :)

  • Iwannabefierce


  • Kimmy K

    Yay! Its a Princess Brown Sugar!!! Congrats & many blessings to you!!! Enjoy your “extra quality time” with your lady bug…because once she arrives…she will be crackin that whip! lol…

  • Imani

    I knew it! *High fives self*

  • Merli Desrosier-Estime


  • Tiffany Ellis McCourty

    Yahoo! More girls in the family!!

  • gardengirlstyle

    congrats again! I love this little baby corner :)