The Beginning of The End: 4 Lessons of My Third Trimester


Phew! I cannot believe how quickly time has FLOWN by. November is already on it’s way out and I feel like I just announced my pregnancy yesterday! This site officially was born in August (when I felt comfortable revealing that I was having a little bundle of joy) during my 4 Year Anniversary party and the past 2.5 months have been such an incredible learning experience for me.

Third Trimester Belly

Let me say this. Making the decision to bring a child into this world is both one of the most challenging, nerve-wrecking but rewarding experiences you will have ever have in life. This entire experience has been teaching me so much about myself that I truly wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for the treacherous but rewarding experience called pregnancy.

So here’s the lowdown on 4 lessons I’ve learned in my third trimester that I didn’t know before & the major changes I’m making in preparation for #babybrownsugar:

1. Selflessness is a Requirement, Not An Option.

Selflessness Is Key(via @LoveBrownSugar on Instagram) I won’t be taking #selfies once my baby arrives.

Having a child is truly a selfless act. In essence, you are preparing yourself to give up your own wants, needs and/or desires for the betterment of this new being. It requires major sacrifices. This little person takes over your body and makes you do weird things you’ve never done before. I remember in my first trimester having vivid dreams about a stranger breaking into my home, which I believe subconsciously was about my fear of this little unknown thing controlling my life.

Now in my third trimester, I have such a huge awareness of everything I’ll need to sacrifice once my little princess gets here. My mom, who has posted on here before, constantly reminds me that motherhood is essentially a journey that never ends. She has 4 children and undoubtedly spends the majority of her life trying to make sure we’re all okay, all the time. Talk about a full time job?!

2. Nutrition is SO Important. 

pregnancy-nutritionImage Source:

Aside from giving up my pinot grigio wine nightcaps, sushi and a few other delicacies, I underestimated how important proper nutrition in pregnancy is beyond the “avoid” food list. You can’t just keep up your old diet of eating only when you’re hungry, downing sodas/coffees, and add in a prenatal pill to the mix for good measure. You have to take a LONG hard look at your diet and make sure you’re paying special attention to the nutritional intricacies that your baby will need most. It’s not about you anymore! Remember that. My little princess currently is only in the 5th percentile bracket in terms of her body weight at the moment and I believe it has to do with my lack of proper nutrition. Mend your ways for the sake of the baby. Consider it a job to give your baby all their nutrients before they get here.

3. Scheduling is Your BEST Friend.


If you weren’t used to living your life on a tight and regulated schedule before, get ready for things to change. My third trimester, what with the extra weight I’m carrying, my excessive nutritional needs and my need to take midday naps here and there, has definitely been a time when scheduling is much needed. Leaving things to chance is not really an option when you’re mere months from the birth of your bundle of joy. And you might as well get used to it! Once baby comes into the world, “schedule” and “routine” should become your middle name.

4. Positivity is Key To Survival (For You & Baby).

Keeping High Spirits

Upon my first ultrasound check-up at 20 weeks, I found out that I unfortunately had an unexplained shortening of my cervix which made me a prime candidate for pre-term labor. This meant I needed to go on bedrest immediately and that I would have to start taking medicine daily to help me keep from contracting (my doctor advised me to take Progesterone suppositories).

I was devastated. Until I started to realize, with the progression of my pregnancy, that it wasn’t so bad. I did, after all, need the extra rest provided by my bedrest orders. It gave me time to sit and think about all the preparations I needed to do for the baby.

AND it really made me look forward to my weekly milestones! When you’re constantly reminded that your baby could try to make an early entrance at any point, you become overjoyed by the challenge of surviving another week with baby in the womb. And it makes the pregnancy journey that much more rewarding.

Hospital PictureMe at the hospital this past weekend

This past weekend I landed in the hospital with #babybrownsugar trying to make a dramatically early debut. I was sent to Labor & Delivery where they had to give me magnesium to stop my preterm labor contractions and they gave me steroid shots to help develop my baby’s lungs as I’m only 29 weeks and she’s less than 3 lbs. This was an incredibly scary time for me, but I know I didn’t go through it in vain.

First Trimester BellyMy first trimester baby bump!

 I’ve endured alot of trials with this pregnancy and I know it’s because some other woman, somewhere in cyber space, is reading this and will take solace in knowing that no matter the current situation – everything is going to be ok. Don’t be scared! I did alot of prayer, meditation and positive thinking while in the hospital this weekend and I have a new outlook on what this journey is all about. Hang in there! I am. And I have full confidence that my little princess will hold off until at least 34-35 weeks when her lungs are developed enough to support her little body. I can’t wait to meet her!

So there’s my third trimester update! I hope someone else found these tips helpful. Have any advice for someone like me? Please feel free to share your tips and personal stories in the comment section below!

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    You look sooo freakin’ cute Christina!!! Hope I can be as cute as you when I’m pregnant. Praying for you and your baby and I KNOW you will have a healthy delivery :-) Can’t wait to see #BabyBrownSugar

    • lovebrownsugar

      Aww thank you Lexi!! I don’t feel cute lol, but glad I don’t look how I feel haha. I can’t wait to meet baby girl either!

  • daniellefromqueens

    This was such a great post! Hang in there, CC! You’re giving the baby such a warm and happy environment in there that she’s anxious to meet you ;)

    Also don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help—we’re more than happy to help out where we can :)

    Not going to lie, I’m scared as heck to be pregnant. I might as well still believe in the stork :x

    • lovebrownsugar

      LOL omg Danielle that is hilarious. If only the stork were real smh. This pregnancy has been no joke but friends & family like you have helped me tremendously with keeping positive. Daily smiles & laughter, me & baby appreciate you so much for this!

  • Virginia Gudiel

    You look beautiful! I love your positivity even with the few bumps in the road. =)

    • lovebrownsugar

      Aww thank you Virginia! Being sad & depressed doesn’t help anyone, especially not the baby so I’m really trying!

  • Jessica C. Andrews

    OMG I love this post! I am so proud of you. Not only are you brave for going through this life-changing experience but you’ve also chosen to share it to be a light to other people. So inspiring. I’ve seen you grow so much in the short time you’ve been pregnant and am 100% confident you’ll be a smart, loving and selfless Mom – you already are. We always talk about how having a positive mindset is so important and I’m glad you’re focusing on the blessing regardless of the challenges you have to overcome to get there. #babybrownsugar is already a lucky girl to have you, and your Mom (who is the best! haha), in her life. I know she’ll be just fine. And like D said, she has plenty of aunties here to help her (and you!) out along the way. Please don’t ever be afraid to ask us if you need anything, even just prayer. Love you and #babybrownsugar! xoxoxo

    • lovebrownsugar

      Jess I just started crying lol. You do it every time! I can’t thank you enough for your continuous support throughout this whole journey. I couldn’t have asked for better friends. Love you!

  • MissRockwell

    Very awesome post. At 32 weeks my doctors diagnosed me with IUGR (Interuterine Growth Restriction) so I totally am with you on it being such a scary time. All in all though, I wouldn’t trade my pregnancy for the world. I’m so excited about my new bundle of joy and can’t wait until he gets here. Good luck with everything love!

    • lovebrownsugar

      Aww congrats on your new bundle of joy! I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this. It’s inspiring to hear that everything worked out with your baby.

  • MommieKnowsfresh

    This is a beautiful post Christina! You’ve been so strong and so positive! Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but it can also be a scary one too, but your village (family,aunties,mom blogger boo’s) has your back!!! XOXO

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thank you Caprece! I see how happy you are and in love with your little Mackenzie. I can’t wait to share that with my little princess too :)

  • Nina Hours

    I also loved this post. I am just about equally along in my pregnancy as you, and while I don’t have the shortened cervix I’ve also suffered a bit of a pre term labor scare. Its really quite scary, and googling other people’s stories didn’t necessary help calm me down. Getting through it I felt similarly as you, so very very blessed and lucky to be given the opportunity to keep my precious baby in there longer and keep him safe. Pregnancy is beautiful but definitely not without its worries and anxiety causing moments :(
    You look beautiful, congratulations on your blessing and making it this far and I wish you and your family all the best for your little one and the coming new year.

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thank you Nina! We will make it! Congrats on your baby boy on the way and I trust he will arrive right on time as well. We’ve got to support each other girl!

  • tiffany Marshall

    Love your blog and I’m praying for you and your princess. God Will make it all right. Sending positive vibes!!!

    • lovebrownsugar

      Tiffany that’s so sweet! I appreciate your prayers and positive vibes – they’re working! :)

  • Evette Dionne

    I love this post. You are a trooper, Christina, and I am so inspired by how positive you’ve remained throughout your pregnancy.

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thanks Evette. That’s the best way to be – for my sanity and for baby’s health. It’s tough but what’s the alternative? Being sad/angry won’t change anything. This whole thing is teaching me so much about life lol

  • Elle

    Hang in there and know that God’s got it. Becoming a mother is the most compassionate act in the world. God has blessed you with a little growing bundle of joy and He will bring you both through this time. Blessings!

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thank you Elle for these encouraging words! I really appreciate it!

  • KaiLee Parker

    sending hugs and lots of love your way :)

    • lovebrownsugar

      Thanks KaiLee!